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New Zealand Farming

NZ's economy is strongly based on agriculture & horticulture contributing 23% to its annual export income.

Farmstays are an opportunity to gain an insight into one of the world's most agriculturally advanced nations.

Mainly a North Island industry, thousands of dairy herds, totalling millions of cattle, are farmed in NZ.

NZ is in the top 5 dairy exporters in the world supplying around 90% of dairy products traded on the international market with UK & EU as its most valuable market.

NZ has been exporting cheese since the 1840s with around 20 specialty cheese companies winning many awards for their excellent cheeses.

Meat industry products are NZ's 2nd largest export income-earner, with exports of lamb, mutton & beef

With 40 million sheep, NZ is a major exporter of sheep meat, accounting for about 53% of the world export trade, & wools are coarse & strong, of high quality.

Goats (meat & milk) & deer (venison & velvet) have been farmed as commercial animals over the past few years. Pigs are mainly farmed for domestic consumption.

New Zealand honey is mainly produced from clover, though native blossoms are also used.

NZ has perfect conditions for commercially growing subtropical, pip, berry, stone & citrus fruits.

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