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Destinations - Waikato-Waitomo Region

Spectacular landscape of Waikato & Waitomo region provides scenery & activities for self-drive travellers.

Waikato is 1 of world's greenest places & richest agricultural producers. Volcanic activity has enriched the soil; at places where underground rocks are still hot, mineral springs often rise & are tapped for bathing & drinking.

Visit Hamilton Gardens & Zoo, a wildlife conservation park with a giant free-flight aviary.

Delve into underground world of Waitomo. Several of the limestone caves are sites for adventure activities � abseil into caverns, float through on inner tubes, or take guided walks or boat trips through spectacular formations or glow-worm caves.

Kiwi house in Otorohanga breeds kiwis in captivity & is well worth a visit.

Watch surfers negotiate perfect wave breaks at Raglan, a major surfing venue.

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